What is Reference Mastering?

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Reference mastering is eMastered's newest feature, and it allows the engine to listen to a song you think sounds incredible in order to better understand how to master your own song.

With the reference engine you are able to upload two songs: 1) the song you need mastered (called the "Unmastered Track," and 2) the song you want your track to sound like sonically (called the "Reference Track."

Our engine listens to the reference track you upload (ideally one in the same genre / style that your track is, that you think sounds great) and analyzes what makes it sound the way it does. From there the engine takes that knowledge and applies some of those same processes to your own song.

Gone are the days of wondering why songs you like sound so different than your mastered versions, with reference mastering the engine will be able to figure out why for you.

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