Why is eMastered better than other mastering options?

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1) Sound quality. Our Co Founders have been professional musicians for years, and have learned firsthand how to make great sounding records. Our users claim that eMastered is the best mastering result they've ever heard, and we think you'll agree.


2) Ease of use. Mastering is traditionally very expensive, requiring high end audio plugins and equipment along with a properly acoustically treated room to get maximum effect. Not only is it expensive, but the process requires years of learning to develop the incredible skills needed to master audio in a professional way. Our engine solves both of these problems, allowing you to get great sounding mastering for an affordable price all from the comfort of your own home.


3) Price. Our engine is the most affordable option that exists today to receive professional sounding mastering. Traditionally the mastering process cost on average $150 per song, but for $180 a year you can have UNLIMITED masters of every file type for 12 months. Our other subscription plans are also affordable, making us the best option period to help make your music sound incredible.


4) Reference Mastering. eMastered is the only mastering service that offers reference mastering, which allows you to upload a reference track alongside the song you're trying to master. eMastered will then listen to the reference, figure out why it sounds the way it does, and then apply some of that magic to your own master! This is one of our most popular features, and is a crucial advantage eMastered has over other mastering options. 

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