I want to refer a friend but not with Twitter or Facebook, how do I?

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There are a few ways to do this, and you must be logged into your eMastered account for any of them to work. Once logged in click on "Free Mastering," located on the bottom left side of our website option shown in the photo below.




The easiest method is to click the green "Copy Link," button located on this page, displayed in the photo below.


Once the "Copy Link," button has been clicked button your referral URL will be copied into your browser. Simply "Paste," it in an email or any other communication channel to share it with friends.


Additionally you can simply open the "Invite via Twitter," link located on this same page. Once the tweet invite link is open copy the URL used in the prewritten tweet, and then use that link in a text message / email or whatever sharing method you'd like. The photo below gives an example of how to do this.


If your friend clicks on the link and then purchases a plan the free month will be applied automatically to both your and their eMastered account.


Remember, there is NO CAP on the number of free months you can receive, so if you invite twelve friends for example who get subscription plans with eMastered you will get a year free of our service!

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