Which plan is the right one for me?

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We have three different pricing options for our mastering service and all come with the full suite of features, the only difference is how you pay.


The Yearly (billed monthly) plan is a 12 month commitment, which offers the cheapest per-month payment price of any eMastered plan at $19 each month. 


Additionally, you can purchase the yearly subscription of eMastered for $156 which will give you full access and unlimited masters for 12 months, with only 1 billing each year. Over a 12 month period this is cheapest way to gain full access of eMastered, as any other payment option will end up costing more than $156 if used for many months. 


If you'd like to cancel any time or use the service simply for a month or two you can select the monthly option, which is a $49 a month, cancel any time subscription. 


Keep in mind that we offer a 14 day refund policy for all plans, and that If you are unhappy for any reason up to 14 days (and mastered less than 4 tracks) after purchasing a subscription we'll refund your money back.

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