How Does the Referral Program Work?

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eMastered now has a referral program that lets you earn a $20 USD equivalent gift card for each person who purchases a subscription with your unique referral code. Not only that but if a user purchases a subscription with your referral code, they'll receive 20% off the normal subscription price!


Once your referral is approved, you can actually pick the type of gift card you want redeemed to ensure your reward is useful, all without signing up for another service or platform.


Get your referral code from your eMastered account page, the nav bar at the top of the site, the menu, or log into eMastered and visit



Click "Start Earning" from the referral tab to have your unique referral code created:



This unique URL is what will let us tie a subscription purchase to your eMastered email.


Share this code with your friends, and make sure they click that link and purchase their subscription from it to have the reward applied automatically to your account.


From there, our team will review the purchase. You'll get an email notifying you of this:


You'll then get an email allowing you to redeem your gift card reward.




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