How do I cancel my plan?

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To cancel your plan you must first be logged into eMastered. Once logged in click on your email address located in the top right of the website header, then select "My Account."


Once on the "My Account," page click the "Account Settings," section on the left hand side of the account menu:


From there you can scroll down and locate the "Change Plan," button which will be towards the right-hand side of the "Your Plan," row.


Next click the "Cancel," button located below:


Once clicked you will be asked to make sure you're ready to cancel your plan. Click "Yes," and your plan will be cancelled immediately, with your subscription being cancelled for future billings.


After you confirm your cancellation a popup survey will appear before the cancellation is complete, simply asking you to inform us why you have decided to cancel your plan. This information is incredibly valuable to help us make eMastered the best product it can be.


You will still be able to access eMastered with the previous plan until your billing period ends, at which point the plan will not be charged to renew.

If you have questions about your plan feel free to contact us on our live chat or send us an email at

We have a dedicated team ready to assist with any billing-related inquiries!

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